In Unbound, Jann Treadwell has written an essential guide for leaders who want to create transformative experiences for young people that use young people’s gifts to be a blessing to others.  The book is filled with practical insights and ideas for navigating the details of planning and leading a mission trip that is theologically grounded, builds community and creates memories that last a lifetime. These detailed resources will save the trip planner 50 hours or more in preparation work.

–Jim LaDoux, Director of Coaching and Training at Vibrant Faith Ministries

Unbound is a fantastic resource for those involved in the planning of a youth focused mission experience.  Practical, detailed, and deeply personal testimonies and spiritual practices make up this guide for all sized ministries!  As an adult working with youth on national and local levels I found Jann Treadwell’s insights to be very helpful and inspiring.  I recommend this resource for youth workers, CE committees, Youth Ministry teams, volunteers, educators and clergy.  As a disciple of Christ who was really shaped by a congregation who loved their young people – enough to send them into the world to serve and experience transformation – I felt a deep connection to the stories and experiences shared by youth and adults involved in Unbound’s reflections.  

–Gina Yeager-Buckley serves as the Associate for Ministries with Youth, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)/Presbyterian Mission Agency, in Louisville, Kentucky. 

There is a deep hunger in our society for real and relevant faith experiences. In Unbound, Jann Treadwell, brings an offering of justice, hospitality, reconciliation and compassion to this hunger…..as well as some great practical tools so you can provide a spiritual pilgrimage for all who hunger in your congregation or community.                

–Rev. Michelle Thomas-Bush,  Associate Pastor for Youth and Their Families, Myers Park Presbyterian Church

Jann Treadwell’s book about mission trips is useful, insightful, and wise.  Using biblical and theological resources, reflecting on her own mission trip experiences, and sharing poignant and profound reflections from mission trip participants, she has woven a holistic introduction to this significant part of the Church’s ministry.

-Rev. John Williams, Ph.D, Chaplain and Director of Church Relations, Austin College, Sherman, Texas

This is a GREAT piece! This doesn’t happen very often: Unbound: Mission Trips is thoughtful, thorough, insightful, and best of all it is theologically solid AND practical. Adult and youth readers will resonate with the vignettes and stories – they are inspiring and illuminate the issues throughout the book. Although this is written for those leading youth, I think our adult mission groups will benefit from being unbound too. 

Author Jann Treadwell is experienced and therefore thorough with the how-to’s of a mission trip, but what makes this book unique is the unpacking she does of the myriad of dynamics involved in a mission trip – she unbinds them. She challenges mission groups to take a step deeper into the mission experience – to unbind thoughts, expectations, possibilities, and more importantly, the internal and external experience of individuals and the group.  Mission trips are not just about doing good.  Without the theological experience of a mission trip, the participants – the hosts and the ambassadors – can miss the work of the Holy Spirit.  Unbound Mission Trips challenges and instructs all aspects of the experience.

–Lynn A Turnage, Director of Children & Family Ministries at Westminster PC, Greensboro, NC. After years of work with youth at various churches and institutions in the PCUSA, Lynn found her way into Children’s Ministries through the doctoral program at Columbia Seminary. She has authored Growing a Group and Surveying the Land in the Roots of Youth Ministry series.